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Alejandro Acevedo-Gutierrez, PhD



360-6503653 | Biology 309

I was born and raised in México City. My siblings and I are first-generation college students whose parents encouraged and supported their dreams. I have always wanted to learn about animal behavior. I vividly remember the empty lots surrounding my house: turning over rocks to look for snakes or lizards, looking at the grass in search of grasshoppers, and... (read more in my profile)

Research interests: Role of marine mammals in their environment and their interactions with humans.

Roger Anderson, PhD

brown lizard with white and turquoise scales rests on gray rock

(360) 650-3992 | BI 311

Shawn Arellano, PhD

Assistant Professor


360-6503634 | Zoom

Deep-sea, larval ecologist from Kansas!

Elizabeth Binney, PhD

Senior Instructor

| BI 365

Research interests: Ecology, general biology, plant biology, biostatistics.

Marion Brodhagen, PhD



360-6502920 | Online via Zoom; please email me for link

Research interests: 1) Secondary metabolites; 2) biodegradable plastics

Georgianne Connell

Senior Instructor

(360) 650-6796 | BIO 338

Research interests: Biology education

W. James Cooper, PhD

Assistant professor


360-650-6551 | Appointments via Zoom (please email to schedule)

Research interests: Evo-Devo of Fish Bite Mechanics

Lina Dahlberg, PhD

Associate Professor

(360) 650-4671 | BI 306

Research interests: Protein stability, turnover, and trafficking in neurons.

Eric DeChaine, PhD


360-6506575 | Biology 237

Deborah Donovan



360-6507251 | BI 310

I’ve been a member of the Biology Department and the Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Group since Fall 1998. I completed my Master’s degree in Ecology at the University of California, Davis and my PhD in Zoology at the University of British Columbia. Prior to graduate school, I was a science teacher in a large, urban high school in Southern California. (More info in my profile)

Research interests: Physiological ecology of marine invertebrates; Biology education

Nick Galati, PhD

Assistant professor

360-6502869 | BI 331

Oddly enough, my passion for science came about after I graduated from college, when I worked as a research technician in a biochemistry lab at the University of Pennsylvania. Fortunately for me, my mentor in this lab looked past my lack of research experience and hired me based on my references as a landscaper, and I am so grateful that he did.... (read more in my profile)

Research interests: Cilia and centrosome biology; Digital image analysis in microscopy

David Hooper, PhD


(360) 650-3649 | BI 307

Research interests: Ecosystem ecology, biodiversity effects on carbon and nitrogen cycles, plant community ecology, effects of riparian restoration on stream water quality

Robin Kodner

Associate Professor

360-650- 7467 | BI 412

Janice Lapsansky

Senior Instructor

360-650-7337 | BI 305

Preparing students at WWU and in the community for a healthier life

Research interests: Scholarship in STEM education. Pre-hospital emergency medical research in cardiovascular care.

David Leaf, PhD

Faculty member smiling while standing outside with a mountain in the background

(360) 650-3632 | BI 147

Suzanne Lee, PhD

Assistant Professor


360-6506795 | Biology 413

My interests include nucleic acid biology, equity and inclusion in STEM, the outdoors and the performing arts (More info in my profile)

Research interests: Eukaryotic Gene Regulation; RNA biology and biochemistry; Cell Biology

Benjamin Miner, PhD

Professor & Chair


360-6503640 | Biology 315

I hope the information in this biography provides you with a better understanding of me as person and instructor. Students, staff, and faculty all have such interesting and unique paths, and I hope that sharing information helps us understand the importance of diverse perspectives and the need to work together to move forward. I was born in New York but grew up in southern California.

Research interests: Evolutionary ecologist interested in phenotypic plasticity of marine organisms

Adam Moles, PhD

close up of Adam Moles smiling, white wall behind him

(360) 650-7464 | BI 367

Craig Moyer, PhD

Craig Moyer while working at sea using ROV Jason

(360) 650-7935 | BI 406

Research interests: Marine Microbial Ecology and Geomicrobiology

Brady Olson

Assistant Professor

(360) 650-7478 | BI 366

Merrill Peterson, PhD


360-6503636 | BI 314 (inside Biology Dept office) (working remotely during COVID containment)

Research interests: Entomology; Ecology; Evolutionary Biology; Biodiversity Informatics

Lynn Pillitteri, PhD

Associate Professor

(360) 650-6599 | BI 407

Research interests: Plant molecular biology and development.

Dan Pollard, PhD

Assistant Professor


360-6502152 | BI 414

I am a husband, dad, musician, social justice advocate, runner, and rock climber who took a long time to see himself as a biologist

Research interests: Evolutionary genetics of protein expression in budding yeasts

Sandra Schulze, PhD

Associate Professor

(360) 650-7267 | BI409

Research interests: Molecular biology and genetics using Drosophila as a model

Dietmar Schwarz

Dietmar Schwarz in plaid shirt with mountains in background
Associate Professor

(360) 650-3641 | BI 411

Research interests: Evolutionary Biology,Evolutionary Ecology, Molecular Ecology

Carrie Schwarz

An illustration of a person on a gray background
Senior Instructor

(360) 650-4523 | BI 157

Jose Serrano-Moreno, PhD

Senior Instructor

(360) 650-3633 | BI161

Research interests: Biology Education; Student Advising; Structure and Function of Ion Channels

Myron Shekelle, PhD


| BI 231

Research interests: Evolution, ecology, and conservation, primates, Tarsiidae

Anu Singh-Cundy, PhD

Anu Singh-Cundy
Associate Professor

(360) 650-7473 | BI 308

Dan van Hees, PhD



360-6507400 | BI 231

Research interests: Seaweed physiology and ecology; chemical acclimation strategies; marine dispersal and population connectivity

Adrienne Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor

360-6507484 | BI312

Research interests: Molecular mechanisms of aging and neurodegeneration

George Wilkinson, PhD

An illustration of a person on a gray background
NTT Faculty

| BI-365

Michael Williams, PhD

Michael Williams tilts head and smiles, purple sky in background

(360) 650-7483 | Biology 231

Research interests: Systematics of the Berberidaceae, ecological role of apomixis, restoration ecology

Kate Yamamoto

Senior Instructor

(360) 650-7464 | CV 163

Jeff Young, PhD

close up of Dr. Jeff Young with illustrated poster of "rhodophyceae" in background

360-6503638 | CB 283

Research interests: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

Matthew Zinkgraf

Assistant Professor

360-6504885 | BI 408

Research interests: Genetics of forest trees, genomics, bioinformatics