Declare a Biology Pre-Major

What is a biology pre-major?

The biology pre-major exists to allow students to formally indicate their plan to complete a biology major while they work towards finishing the requirements necessary to apply for admission to the program. Pre-majors have access to the application for the program.

When can you declare a pre-major?

Students who have been formally admitted into Western may declare a biology pre-major by filling out the Major Declaration Esign form. On this form, you can indicate your desired emphasis (e.g., marine biology) within the “Student Comments” section. You may leave this section blank if you are unsure of what emphasis to select. 

Under the Signatures and Attachments section, make sure you have in the “Email to” box. Once you click submit, the form will be sent to our Biology Advisors for approval. 

There are no prerequisites to declare a Biology pre-major. Pre-majors will be assigned to a faculty advisor in the area of interest they have indicated on the card (e.g., marine biology) and should expect to be notified regularly via email regarding opportunities for general advising, course registration information, application deadlines, and scholarships.

Students may also elect to subscribe to a separate departmental listserv intended to share information on special events, guest speakers and employment opportunities.

Pre-majors are strongly encouraged to connect with the general advisors in the biology department or with their faculty advisor on a regular basis in an effort to stay on track towards their degree requirements.