Biology Dept. Seminars & Events

Fall 2022 Seminars

Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:00 PM in BI 234

Also streaming LIVE on ZOOM Meeting ID 980 8035 1166 / Passcode 377803

November 2nd

"Cellular Twitter: Using a tiny roundworm to investigate extracellular vesicle signaling pathways in inflammation and Alzheimer's disease"

Josh Russell / Instructor / University of Washington

November 7

"Activity-based protein profiling of the vaginal microbiome"

Chris Whidbey / Assistant Professor / Department of Chemistry, Seattle University 

November 9

"Moving membrane to build neurons: How two modes of membrane transport support neurodevelopment."

Caitlin O’Brien / Postdoctoral Fellow / University of California San Francisco/HHMI

November 14

"Defining macrophage interactions with dormant tumor cells during breast cancer metastasis"

Annelise Snyder / Postdoctoral Fellow / Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 

November 16

"The ecology of information: avian communication and cognition as windows into environmental interactions" 

Chris Templeton / Associate Professor / Pacific University 

November 28

"Physiological responses to seasonal environments in the wake of climate change" 

Abigail Kimmet / Postdoctoral Fellow / University of Michigan

November 30

"Ecomorphological mechanisms underlying individual fitness and species survival" 

Chris Law / University of Texas, Austin

December 5

*Please note this seminar will be taking place from 1-2pm to accommodate for final's week.

"Benchmarking biodiversity: population studies as a window into global change." 

Henry Pollock / Postdoctoral Research Associate and Instructor / University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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