Undergraduate Forms

Undergraduate Forms
BIOL 395 Webform

BIOL 395 is for biology research experience that may include assisting in the maintenance of experimental set up, data collection, data entry, literature searches, and developing graphics. 

BIOL 494 Webform

BIOL 494 is for individual or collaborative research, including the design and execution of a research project under the supervision and guidance of a biology professor. 

BIOL 495 Webform

BIOL 495 is for analysis and communication of results from individual scientific research.  Communication can be in the form of a full scientific paper, poster, or an oral presentation. 

BIOL 496 Internship Evaluation
BIOL 496 Webform

BIOl 496 is for students who wish to receive credit for on-the-job experiences in biologically related fields through volunteer, internship, or employment opportunities. 

BIOL 498 Webform

BIOL 498 is for students to apply their knowledge and develop their scientific communication skills through working as an undergraduate assistant in laboratory courses.

Biology Advisor Contact Form
Biology Degree Works Exception Form

Use this form if an exception has been made for coursework listed on your Degree Works worksheet, or if the course or requirement has been waived.

Biology Department Newsletter 2019-20
Biology Merit Scholarship Application
Checklist Reference Guide
Knowledge Assessment Focus Areas

Focus areas for the Knowledge Assessment for the Biology Major/Minor.

Override Request Form
Transfer Equivalency Request Form