Biology Degrees and Areas of Study

Biology Majors

The Biology Department offers a broad-based curriculum with the opportunity for undergraduates to explore specific areas of biology in greater depth through upper-division courses. The department offers both BA and BS degree programs, and students can choose to pursue areas of emphasis in Cell Biology, Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology, Secondary Education, or Marine Biology. We also have developed several interdisciplinary majors in conjunction with Anthropology, Biochemistry, Mathematics and Psychology departments.

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BA Biology - This degree program offers various options for upper-level coursework.

BS Biology – Molecular and Cell Emphasis - This major focuses on the biochemistry, cell biology, molecular genetics and genomics of prokaryotic and eukaryotic model organisms. (Molecular and Cell Bio Program Sheet)

BS Biology – Ecology, Evolution, Organismal Biology Emphasis - The structure, function, ecology and evolution of organisms, with an emphasis on plants and animals (EEO Program Sheet)

BS Biology – General Emphasis - This degree program allows students to develop an upper-division curriculum with the help of their faculty advisor. (General Biology Program Sheet )

BS Biology – Marine Emphasis - The structure and function of marine organisms and their relationship with the environment ( Marine Bio Program Sheet)

BS Biology – Secondary Teaching Emphasis - A broad biology curriculum that prepares students for a teaching endorsement in Biology. Must be accompanied by a teacher preparation program. ( Secondary Teaching Program Sheet)


BA Biology/Anthropology 

BS Biology/Anthropology - Human biology focus that includes behavioral science for students who want to pursue post-baccalaureate degrees in research or applied health (Bio/Anthropology (BS) Program Sheet)

BS Biology/Mathematics - Combined major brings together a core knowledge of biology with linear algebra, advanced calculus, and methods of computer programming and mathematical modeling (Biology/Math Program Sheet)


Biology Minor

Current Policy: Students must be eligible for Phase II status before they may declare a minor in biology. Admission to Phase II requires that a student have a minimum gpa of 2.9 in the introductory chemistry and biology courses (CHEM 161, 162, 163 and BIOL 204, 205 and 206).

New Policy: Information on admission to the Biology Minor

Minor Requirements