Chris Templeton , PhD

Assistant Professor · he/him

Research Interests

Our research group is interested in understanding animal communication and cognition from behavioral, ecological, and evolutionary perspectives. Much of our research uses birds as model systems and ongoing work includes local field projects examining the alarm call communication networks of chickadees and other songbirds, tropical fieldwork examining duet function and learning in neotropical wrens, and local field and lab studies examining how anthropogenic noise pollution impacts animal communication and cognitive processing.

Are you interested in studying animal communication, cognition, behavioral ecology, or conservation? Come join our team! Our research team is inclusive and collaborative and we are always excited to have motivated and engaged researchers of all levels join our research group. We have opportunities for undergraduate, master's, and postdoctoral students in the lab. If you're interested, please look at my website for more details about the sorts of projects we do and then get in touch with me by email!