Lynn Pillitteri , PhD

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Plant genetics

Developmental mechanisms

Transcriptional regulation of gene expression

My broad research interest is to explore the molecular aspects of developmental processes. I use the model organism, Arabidopsis thaliana, as a system to investigate some of the genes involved in cell division and cell-type differentiation.  We are currently investigating the transcriptional regulation of  key regulators involved in the production of stomata. 


Educational & Professional Experience

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2002 - Ph.D. Plant Genetics, University of California, Riverside.

1997 - M. S.  Plant Biology, University of California, Riverside.

1993 - B. S. Biology, State University of New York at Binghamton.


2014 - present, Associate Professor of Biology - Western Washington University

2009-2014, Assistant Professor of Biology - Western Washington University

2003-2009, Postdoctoral Fellow/Researcher - University of Washington

Recent Publications

Bold, undergraduate authors

Valente, A.S., Tutone, M., Brodie, E., Peper, H. and L.J. Pillitteri (2018). T-DNA associated reciprocal translocation reveals differential survival of male and female gametes. Submitted: Plant Gene.

Becerra, B.J, Narvaez-Vasquez, J., Pillitteri, L.J., Orozco-Cardenas, M., Tang and C.J. Lovatt (2017). Identification of cis-regulatory elements related to water-deficit and low-temperature stress    within the promoter of Citrus sinensis APETALA1. Citrus Res & Tech 37:138-146

Pillitteri, L.J., Guo, X., and J. Dong (2016). Asymmetric cell division in plants: mechanisms of symmetry breaking and cell fate determination. Cell Mol Life Sci 73; 4213-4229. DOI: 10.1007/s00018-016-2290-2

Mahoney, A.K., Anderson, E.M, Bakker, R.A., Williams, A.F., Flood, J.J., Sullivan, K.C., and L.J. Pillitteri (2016). Functional analysis of the Arabidopsis thaliana MUTE promoter reveals a regulatory region sufficient for meristemoid-specific expression. Planta 243; 987-998. DOI:10.1007/s00425-015-2445-7

Pillitteri, L.J. and J. Dong (2013). Stomatal development in Arabidopsis. The Arabidopsis Book. e0162. 10.1199/tab.0162.

Pillitteri, L.J. and K.U. Torii (2012). Mechanisms of stomatal development. Annual Review of Plant Biology 63:591-614. 

Pillitteri, L.J., Peterson, K.M., Horst, R.J., and K.U. Torii (2011). Molecular profiling of meristemoids reveals new component of asymmetric cell division and commonalities among stem-cell populations in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 23:3260-3275.